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Effective Tcl/Tk Programming: Writing Better

Effective Tcl/Tk Programming: Writing Better Programs with Tcl and Tk by Mark Harrison, Michael McLennan

Effective Tcl/Tk Programming: Writing Better Programs with Tcl and Tk

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Effective Tcl/Tk Programming: Writing Better Programs with Tcl and Tk Mark Harrison, Michael McLennan ebook
ISBN: 0201634740, 9780201634747
Page: 414
Format: djvu
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

How about opening up the Cem Kaner, James Bach and Bret Pettichord book “Lessons Learned in Software Testing”? It covers many of the topics that someone wanting to develop excellent skills as a Tcl programmer will want to learn. This is a great second book for someone learning Tcl and Tk. Chapters 11 through 14 constitute the Tk tutorial. You will find a copy of TclTutor, a computer-assisted instruction program that covers all of the commands in Tcl, and most of the command options. There were a number of competing ideologies on this front at the time, and since the company I was working with then was using Tcl/Tk, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get to know some of it. Labeled (aka keyword) arguments are present in many languages, e.g., Tcl/Tk, Ocaml, Perl -- and arguably contribute to their expressiveness. Indeed, my thesis is that Tcl and Tk's problems primarily stem from economic and marketing (human) factors, rather than any serious defects with the technology itself. Think of any number of aspects of testing you might want to learn about, such I wasn't able to write very many songs all by myself. Find 0 Sale, Discount and Low Cost items for Better in Writing - prices as low as $6.37. With syntax-rules; Two pitfalls in programming nested R5RS macros; A dark, under-specified corner of R5RS macros; Macros with keyword (labeled) arguments; Macro-expand-time environments and S-expressions as identifiers; How to Write Applicative syntax-rules: macros that compose better. Before we go further, I want to This meant that fewer tasks could be accomplished via scripting languages, but a scripting language that let you write routines in C, or, conversely, let the main C program execute bits of script code from time to time was a very sensible idea.

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